Cicero Workers Compensation Lawyers

Cicero Workers Compensation Attorneys

Each workplace bares certain hazards. Whether you are working on a construction yard, or in the office, there is a chance of an accident which may result in your injuring yourself. Work related accidents are quite common nowadays, and every year there are tens of thousands of injured individuals. They lose their ability to work, their main source of income and are left with a constant struggle with pain. Taking care of their families becomes impossible.

Luckily, these injured individuals have a way out. It comes through the state’s workers compensation program, specifically designed to help injured individuals get back on their feet by providing them with financial assistance.
If you want to learn more about workers compensation and other state issued programs, feel free to reach out to one of our knowledgeable attorneys at the Cicero Workers Compensation Lawyers. We will gladly assist you, bring you up to speed and help you secure your financial benefits if you choose to hire our attorneys to represent you. Don’t hesitate to give us a call.

All of our attorneys work on contingency, meaning that the clients are not obliged to pay a single dollar until their case is solved in their favor and they receive much needed financial benefits. This allows many injured individuals to focus their remaining money on providing for their family, and survive until they receive additional help from the workers compensation program.

On the other hand, attorneys who work on an hourly rate require a monthly payment, as well as advance payment for their services. When your resources are limited, spending extra money on an attorney could cost you everything. Instead, play it safe and go with the attorneys that work on contingency. You can also negotiate the percentage they will receive once they solve your case, as long as you do it before signing the contract. We are here for any additional information, just one phone call away.

After sustaining a work related injury, you should seek immediate medical attention. All your medical bills will be fully paid for by the insurance company, so you don’t have to worry about that. Everything will be fully paid for, including surgeries, prescription drugs, physiotherapies, psychologists, therapies, medication, etc. All you have to do after you get better is report the injury to your superiors. Keep in mind that you only have a certain amount of time to act, and if you miss the deadline, you will lose your one chance to secure your much needed financial benefits. Act as soon as you receive medical attention, or even prior to it if your condition is not critical. This is something you must do in order to file for workers compensation page. Don’t report the injury, and lose the chance to ever receive your financial benefits.

Why worry about everything when we can help you get on top of it? Our attorneys are ready to take over your case, and do things for you so that you can sit at home and focus on your recovery. You don’t have to go through this alone, and we fully understand what you are going through both physically and mentally. Let us help you secure your legally owed financial benefits. Call 312-272-2545 and speak to an available attorney from the Cicero Workers Compensation Lawyers. Schedule your initial free consultation, and get legal representation and guidance. If you are unable to call, write us an email or submit a web form and we will reply within one hour.

Our job is to help you get what is yours, and your job is to contact us. Do what you think is best for you. Do it now while there is still time!