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Construction work can pose many risks for those employed in the industry. Although state and federal regulations help to minimize the number of construction site accidents, accidents still happen. And, sadly, many construction site accidents result in serious harm to those involved. It’s not uncommon for construction workers to suffer from serious head injuries, brain injuries, broken bone injuries, amputation injuries, impalement injuries, and chemical exposure injuries.

Construction Accident Lawyer in Chicago

If you were injured in a construction accident, it is important you protect your legal rights. Workers injured on the job can collect workers’ compensation benefits through the state. Work comp benefits provide hurt workers medical care, and depending on the severity of the injury, temporary or permanent disability payments. To qualify for benefits, you must take action and immediately:

Seek medical treatment
If your injury is severe and you require emergency medical treatment, do not wait to have a doctor examine you. You do not want your injury to get worse and the attending physician should document your injury and any conditions related to your injury.

Tell work about your injury
The state allows injured workers 45 days to report the injury to their employer, however, it is highly recommended you tell work as soon as possible to prevent any delays in payment of benefits. You can verbally tell your boss about the injury, but it’s best to provide a written document noting the date and location of the accident and resulting injury.

Seek qualified legal help
As simple as it may seem to collect work comp benefits, the process can be daunting and difficult for the inexperienced. Insurance companies are quick to deny claims and oftentimes; suffering workers are left with no help. Why risk losing much needed benefits? Seek qualified legal help and get your claim on the right path. The experienced work injury attorneys at the Chicago Workers Compensation Lawyers have helped many workers get full and fair payment for benefits.

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Once you have notified your employer about the injury, they should promptly:

  • Provide medical care
  • Inform claim administrators of the request for benefits (even if your employer is disputing the claim).
  • Start temporary total disability (TTD) payments (if the employee cannot return to work whithin three days)
  • Explain what information is needed to begin payments

If your employer has failed to complete any of the steps mentioned above, you must contact a skilled work comp lawyer at the Chicago Workers Compensation Lawyers right away. You should not have to suffer twice and they can make sure you get the care you need. The knowledgeable work injury attorneys we work with will use every resource they have to get you fair benefits for medical treatment, lost wages, and job displacement.

Construction Accident Lawyers in Chicago

Before too much time passes, reach out to a member of our staff for a free referral to a top work comp attorney in the area. Call 312.272.2545 to reach a friendly member of our staff or if you prefer, email us a case contact form. You won’t be charged a dime for the referral and we will arrange a free case consultation with an aggressive work injury lawyer in our group. If you’re concerned hiring a qualified attorney will cost too much, don’t be. All of the dedicated work comp attorneys at the Chicago Workers Compensation Lawyers don’t get paid till you do.