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Of all the joints in the human body, the shoulder joint has the greatest range of motion. Although a high degree of motion is incredibly useful for functionality, it increases the likelihood of a shoulder injury occurring. The shoulder, which is comprised of bone, ligament, tendon, muscles, and cartilage, can be injured when subjected to excessive force or repetitive strain. When too much force or stress is placed on the shoulder joint, several different types of injuries can result:

Broken bone injury
Broken bone injuries are usually classified as either open or closed. If the broken bone has penetrated the skin and produced a wound, the injury is referred to as an open fracture. If the broken bone has not penetrated the skin and there is no wound associated with the injury, the injury is referred to as a closed fracture. Both open and closed fractures may require surgery and rehabilitation.

Torn rotator cuff injury
The arm is kept in the shoulder socket by the rotator cuff. When the tendons of the rotator cuff tear or begin fraying, pain and limited mobility can occur. There are two different types of rotator cuff tears – partial and full-thickness. Partial tears damage soft tissue, but do not completely sever the tissues surrounding the bone. Full-thickness tears split the soft tissues surrounding the bone into two.

Tendinitis is inflammation of the shoulder tendons. Repeating the same motion over and over again causes most cases of tendinitis. For example, a worker who lifts his or her arms overhead repeatedly throughout the day is more susceptible to developing shoulder tendinitis than an office worker.

Elbow Injuries Lawyers in Chicago

Repeating the same motion over and over again throughout the day is also a common cause of many elbow injuries. Tennis elbow and bursitis are two common elbow injuries caused by repetitive strain. The elbow is also susceptible to fractures, bruises, dislocation, sprains, strains, and arthritis.

No matter who was at fault for the accident resulting in your shoulder or elbow injury, you may be eligible to collect workers’ compensation benefits. What types of benefits can you collect? The types of benefits you collect will be determined by a number of factors, such as type of injury, severity of injury, and long-term effects of injury. To learn what types of benefits you may be able to get financial help for, talk to an aggressive workers’ compensation attorney at the Chicago Workers Compensation Lawyers as soon as possible. They can quickly determine if you are eligible to receive:

  • Medical benefits – payments for doctor visits, surgery, rehabilitation, medicine
  • Temporary disability benefits – payments for lost earnings while taking time off work to recover
  • Permanent disability benefits – payments for lost earnings while suffering from a permanent disability
  • Lump sum benefits – one time payment for permanent disabilities

Shoulder Injury Attorneys in Chicago

Per law, you only have 45 days from the date of the injury to notify work about your injury. Forty-five days may seem like a lot of time, but it can pass very quickly, especially when you are dealing with a serious injury. Why risk losing your one chance to get help? Reach a caring work injury lawyer at the Chicago Workers Compensation Lawyers today by calling 312.272.2545. Our group will schedule you a time to meet privately with a skilled work comp attorney when it’s most convenient for you. You want have to pay for the consultation and you won’t have to pay any legal fees until your case is won.