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Social Security Disability Definition

When you’re applying for SSD without the help of a Chicago social security disability lawyer you might get confused. Just because you think you’re disabled it doesn’t mean you are in the eyes of the Social Security Administration (SSA). Even though you might be classed as disabled according to other programs, they’ll not be the ones handing you out money and it doesn’t matter what they think.

Chicago Social Security Disability Attorney

All Chicago social security lawyers will tell you the SSA have a unique way to class your disability status. To break it down in the easiest way possible, you’ll not be entitled to Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits if you’re experiencing a temporary illness or injury. These are the circumstances in which you’ll be considered for SSD:

  • You no longer have the ability to carry out the job you previously had before becoming disabled
  • According to SSA, your medical condition will prevent you from retraining in another field
  • Your current disability should last one year minimum or all the way up until until your death

Chicago Social Security Disability Lawyer

Chicago social security disability attorneys will also be sure to tell you there are actually two different types of disability benefits. The Social Security Administration handle both of them, but they’re completely different. SSD benefits are paid out of a fund you need to have put money into over the years, which basically means you’ll probably qualify if you were employed.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a program open to a lot more people. One of the biggest differences is the fact you don’t need to have paid into the social security fund to qualify for it. It also helps those who don’t have enough work history to their name. Let’s break down the exact type of disability benefits you could be entitled to under the Social Security Act:

  • SSDI
  • SSDI: Disabled Widower, Widow, And Surviving Divorcee
  • SSDI: Childhood Disability
  • SSI
  • SSI: Child Disability

Chicago Social Security Attorneys

Did you know there is a blue book the Social Security Administration use to deem whether or not you qualify for benefits? This book will cover the requirements for both SSD and SSI. You probably weren’t aware it’s not too easy to figure everything out on your own.

If you’d like some help you could call up for a completely free consultation to discuss your options. Everything is easier with a Chicago social security lawyer looking after your best interests.