Chicago Delayed Claim Attorneys

Delayed Claim Lawyers in Chicago

It can be incredibly frustrating to learn your request for workers’ compensation benefits has been delayed and you may have a lot of questions surrounding your delayed claim. Some of the most common questions the competent workers’ compensation attorneys at the Chicago Workers Compensation Lawyers get asked are:

Why did the insurance company delay my claim?
Insurance companies delay claims for many reasons, but in most cases, the insurance company is trying to find a reason to deny your claim. Unfortunately, most delayed claims are denied.

What happens if the insurance company denies my claim?
If the insurance company informs you that your claim is being denied, you can file an appeal. The appeals process can be challenging without the assistance of a competent attorney, which is why you should not wait to seek legal help if your delayed claim was denied.

Should I seek legal help for a delayed claim?
Yes. Hiring a knowledgeable work injury lawyer at the Chicago Workers Compensation Lawyers can greatly improve your chances of turning a delayed claim into an approved claim. They will investigate why the insurance company delayed your claim and if necessary, provide evidence supporting your claim for benefits.

Delayed Claim Attorneys in Chicago

Even if you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits while the insurance company investigates your claim, it is imperative you seek quality legal representation. At any moment, the insurance company may stop payment of benefits and you will be left with no medical assistance. Don’t think the insurance company can’t deny you – it’s the exception, not the norm for a delayed claim to be approved! Take action now by reaching out to an aggressive work comp attorney at the Chicago Workers Compensation Lawyers.

Delayed Claim Lawyer in Chicago

If you think you can’t afford an experienced attorney, think again. Unlike many work injury lawyers who expect upfront fees, the ethical work injury lawyers at the Chicago Workers Compensation Lawyers won’t charge you a dime for their services until they have gotten you a satisfactory result. You won’t be asked for any upfront fees and you will never be charged any hidden fees. Our group and the attorneys who participate in our joint advertising program believe quality legal representation should be available to all people of all backgrounds. Contact our group today to learn how you can get a free, customized referral to a top workers’ compensation lawyer in the area.

Delayed Claim Attorney in Chicago

To learn what your legal rights are as an injured worker, please contact the Chicago Workers Compensation Lawyers immediately at 312.272.2545. After hearing your story, we will connect you with a work injury attorney who has handled cases similar to yours. As mentioned above, the referral is free and you are under no obligation to hire the attorney we refer you to. Every case is handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning you owe nothing until your case is won. The initial consultation is free; so don’t wait to speak one on one with the lawyer we connect you with.